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What is the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme?

The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme is new UK regulation that will affect around 20,000 organisations. All parent organisations with a half-hourly meter (HHM) settled on the half-hourly market in 2008 is required to register before October 2010. In addition, 5,000 of those organisations will be required to buy carbon allowances, which will be redistributed to participants based on their position in a published league table. An organisation's position in this league table will be based on key carbon–related metrics. 

What are the costs and potential returns?

Organisations that do not register before October 2010 will be fined £5,000 and a further £500 every day after that, for a maximum of 80 working days, together with publication of non-compliance. Non-compliance in other phases could also lead to further fines.

However, the CRC does not need to be a cost.

Effective carbon reduction programmes can reduce energy bills by up to 20% and could lead to a high position in the league table, generating further financial and reputational benefits.

How can we help?

We can support you by:

  • investigating eligibility for the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme
  • providing guidance on compliance, such as registering, submitting the footprint report and holding the evidence pack, and purchasing carbon allowances
  • developing a carbon reduction plan to optimise your league table position and maximise returns

How to contact us?

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